martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

O CONCILIO DAS SOMBRAS (The Council of Shadows), organized in collaboration with the departments of Youth and Culture of the City Council of Santiago de Compostela and the IGAEM (Institute of Scenic and Musical Arts of Galicia), was the first large event carried out by 13NEGATIVO in 2005. As a first attempt, its tiny budget and the lack of means were compensated with creativity and ambition. 
During one night the entire old town remained completely enveloped by a cinematographic atmosphere of mystery and terror. On its streets and several spaces (Teatro Principal, Sala Capitol, Bonaval Park...) an enigmatic story leaded by 40 actors was brought to life.

Promotional poster designed for the event.

650 young people dressed for the occasion, joined this innovative and intense experience of alternative leisure that brought them to investigate and discover the history and legends about the foundation of the city, and behind its main monuments.

Apart from the attendance success, the event reached an extraordinary impact and media coverage. The national edition of the news program of the TV channels TVE1 and Antena3 included a piece of new with a brief interview with members of the organization. 
Piece of new taken from Telediario 1ª Edición, TVE1:

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