13NEGATIVO is a factory of ideas applied to the design and global production of innovative formats for the following sectors: advertising and media, education and HR, tourism, culture and leisure. Our multidisciplinary team, involving creative and technical personnel, has successfully carried out campaigns and major events which have excelled for their originality, creativity and successful outcome. 
There are two key components present in our work. The first one is gamificacion. We make use of game mechanics and dynamics in order to attract and motivate the audience by entertaiment and enjoyment. The second one is interaction. We incorporate resources that transform the participants into the central and absolut protagonists of the action, providing them an intense and unique experience. The final outcome, will depend only on their response and actions. This way, they get totally involved in the activity.
By combining both elements we accomplish the effective transmission of certain informations, values, knowledge or skills to the target group or participants.

How we work

We take an idea from concept to completion. Through this process we bring it to life in a way that will always carry a personalized and "hand crafted" nature. We do not make "canned" projects, we do not copy and paste, we do not recycle over and over again. In every project we develop new approaches, and therefore, all are unique in its format. With this working method we have managed to turn great creative ideas, into successful reality. No project is too ambitious: If it can be imagined, it can be done.

Our experience and achievements

1 – We have developed projects for a huge list of public agencies and institutions. Among our clients are: the Government of the Autonomous Community of Galicia (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Department of Youth...) , ISSGA (Galician Institute of Occupational Saffety and Health), USC (University of Santiago de Compostela), City Council of Santiago de Compostela, Galician Youth Council...

2 – Our events have got always a wide media coverage. This impact includes the broadcasting of pieces of news in the national news programs of TVE1 and A3, as well as diferent special reports in programs as “La Hora Wiki” (CANAL+). The articles are countless in written press, including a full-page article published in “El Pais de las Tentaciones”, cultural supplement of the newspaper EL PAIS.

3 – Those of our events that were open to participation always reached high attendance, getting even a World Guiness Record for Irmandiños: A Revolta.