jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Under the title ABRE OS OLLOS (Open your eyes) was carried out the campaign for the candidate for Rector of the USC (University of Santiago de Compostela), Mrs. Pilar Bermejo Barrera, for the elections held at this institution on 2010. The campaign sucessfully met the objectives set, specially in its main target group: the students. The support collected by the cantidate in this sector was the highest among all candidacies.

The campaign consisted of two different stages. The first one started with the design of an enigmatic poster showing just the image of a student, a direct question (Can´t you talk... or you just prefer not to see it?), and an internet address. It was aimed at awakening curiosity in the whole universitary community.  At the same time it was realeased a website. Its function was to generate debate and critical thinking. It was divided in three main sections: "open your eyes" (presenting an analysis of the problems of the institution and the solutions propossed by the candidate), "express yourself" (in which visitors had the chance to submit their own proposals, and to support other users ones), and, finally, "act!" (where there was available information about the importance of voting, encouraging to do it).

Poster designed for the campaign.
Screenshots of the transition between the main sections of the website. Link to gallery of images.

Afterwards, as a complement of this first phase, it was lauched the second one with a comic intent through Youtube and Facebook. On this occasion, a funny character, a pinguin, was facing in amusing videos the main problems of the daily life of a student at the Campus. The topics chosen for the parodies where: the deficient facilities, the excess of burocracy, the lack of complementary activities, the poorly use of new technologies...

Frontpage of the website during the second phase of the campaign. Link to gallery of screenshots.

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